Our design starts with people

We consider LIVING, SAFETY, and RESCUE to be our priority concepts upon designing.

Technology has brought us civilization and convenience, but in the world today profit has become the major concern forcorporations due to excessive market competitions that they often forget innovations were meant to better our livings.


We base our designs on the basic human needs, and step by step, we manage to bring true convenience, safety, andhappiness to our consumers.





Fire, earthquake, and mountain rescues


Continuous power supply and lightweight gears are always the most head-aching issue in all rescues, especially when timeis limited and nighttime action is required.


By using lighter-weight batteries and enhanced electrical designs, we expect to produce brighter, less-power-consume, and easier-to-carry lighting equipment.


We have started to test some of the new products with the supports of rescue groups and international medical teams.Under their unpredictable circumstances of in-field uses, we would manage to pin-point and fix the actual setbacks. We hope to bring the same lighting technologies to be wildly used in fields such as underground mining, emergency response, etc.



Remote areas indoor lightings


In some third world countries or remote areas, candles and kerosene lamps are still used for lightings due to the poorgovernments or the unreachable distances. People do not have better choices but to stay in the traditional farming or tending business, yet, the impoverished soils and lacked natural sources only made their lives harder.



Though we may not change their politics or the natural features in the near future, we still hold hopes that througheducating the children will eventually bring improvements to their lives. We urge the children to be able to learn and study during the night times, and it has become a challenge for us to provide convenience, safe, yet low-cost electrical lighting systems.


We have worked on combining our existing technologies of portable power supply and LED lightings with solar energy generation, expecting to create a solar charging LED lighting system to be charged during the day and used at the night.


We have started testing under the assistances of local governments and humanity relief organizations. Though we still need more raw material providers to overcome the physical and chemical restrictions for better solar energy transformation, and steady battery withholding under direct sun light, we expect to create cost-efficient, safer, and highly-rechargeable products in the near future. Then, through the cooperation with local governments, more people will be able to fulfill their needs for lightings.





Automobile brings convenience to transportation, but also brings dangerand worry to people at the same time.


For the safety matter, we develop practicable products base on people’s considerations for automobiles.


Car Accident Recording - Vehicle Driving Recorder


Car accident can happen to anyone at anytime in anywhere. Sometime it can be difficult to determine the responsible party if the accurate information is not record at the very moment.



Our first generation product can record high resolution images and sounds, and trace the timing and location with high sensitive satellite reception and multiple G-sensor. We combine the technologies to develop practicable products, and the nearly-finished second generation product has even higher resolution and reception for even more accurate information.


We expect to install new technologies, such as zooming recording, pre-download almanac data, Bluetooth and 3G data transferring, into the third generation product.


Zooming Record Lens


Prime lens has been the manufacturers’ only choice for driving recorders because of the cost consideration; however, it can often cause unclear images. Some producers have considered using both prime and zoom lens to record at the same time to solve the problem, yet the cost issue often force the manufacturers to install cheaper, therefore, lower quality lenses, which only enlarge the size but not the quality of the recorders.


We expect to base our design on zoom lens on top of the existing image insertion and calculation technologies to have the recording images always clear.



High Sensitivity Satellite Reception & Preloading Ephemeris Data


After two years of commercial promotion, we discovered that there are still negative factors, such as high mental content car window film, large number of in-use electrical equipments, or undesirable outside environment, affecting the speed and accuracy of satellite receptions.



Therefore, we have teamed up with the Swiss GPS manufacturer ublox to provide highly sensitive satellite reception on our new platform. We also install the new preloading software for user to download the satellite and calendar information ahead of time in order to provide faster and more accurate position function.


480 Degree View Angle Recording


For some particular industries, such as taxi, cash truck, and freight truck, a recorder with no blind spot has long been desired. We have been working on how to make the processor prosecute more than one image accurately at the same time.

We hope to use the existing video multiplexing processing technology with image interpolation algorism to build a four-lens 480 degree cyclical recorder with affordable cost to eliminate the blind spots.



After we have raised the bars for recording and satellite positioning, we would like to make the user to send out the recording files fast and easy.


Bluetooth Assist 3G Wireless Image Transmission


3G smart phones and tablet PCs have been wildly used nowadays. We are hoping to add the Bluetooth function into the driving recorders for users to send the recordings out to their smart phones, then the Internet.



We have been particularly working on the above technologies with the cooperation of security companies and taxi unions hoping to have the new generation produced soon.


Personal, automobile, and assets protection


Due to the distant social relationship among people and the affection of materializing, the society today faces many problems, and public order to be the most worrisome.


We often learn from the news about child kidnapping, car robbery, and burglary, and the victims frequently suffer from physical and mental lost. From the past, organizations and manufactories have been engaged to find practical prevention and tracing solutions. Among all discussions, GPS protection has become the focus in recent years.

Even though many manufactories have produced GPS with signals to trace individual, automobile, and other assets, the growing technologies and organized criminations have helped find a way out such as bringing the targets into no satellite zone or mental container, or some high-tech criminals even carry satellite signal coverer to cause the products useless. Base on this problem, we started to think a new way of tracing.


Cellular phone has become a necessity for most people nowadays, which created an enormous business market. Telecommunication system companies all over the world have been building and expanding their bases; therefore, most areas have high density for cellular phone bases.


With the high density of cellular phone bases, we believe it can be used for our second tracing signal. Our calculation software will automatically switch to locate the nearest base to provide the exact position when satellite signal is too weak to trace. With both signals to provide tracing functions, it also provides better protection for individual, automobile, and other assets.





We plan to build a multi-media and wireless communication platform with smart phones and tablet PCs for their growing number of usages and increasing powerful functions. Besides connecting with others at anytime, one can also share music or movie or start a conference call through Bluetooth portable speakers.



For in-car usage, a Bluetooth function is designed to have the phone and the car stereo connect once the person sits in the car. By doing so, the driver can just control the stereo instead of the phone to make calls, or play music and movies from the phone. We believe such innovation can save the driver the high cost for install the In Dash Car DVD & Navigation System.



Also, we have designed many in-car cellular phone stands, as well as many specialized in-car stands for tablet PCs for steadier and safer holding purposes.


Our design starts with people, and finishes with making people better, safer, and happier. We hope to initiate caring and interacting among people with our development of technologies.

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